Special Announcement to Accredited Investors Only

We have exciting news to share about our project to provide housing for children and adults with special needs!

Because of increased demand, we have modified our Evergreen Income Fund to accommodate more providers and have partnered with another company in the Spokane Valley that actually has a couple of the same owners as the one we are currently providing housing for. They have an urgent need for us to purchase a home as soon as possible in order to accommodate the housing needs for children in the state of Washington. we have begun the process of looking for the next home and are in the process of raising the capital for that acquisition.

In times like this especially, the safest things to invest in are recession resistant hard assets. A lot of real estate investments no longer fit into this category due to the uncertainty currently in the real estate market. We have already seen examples where some commercial real estate assets such as hospitality and retail have suffered huge losses.
All of this being said, there is one business that is booming when most others seem to be struggling. The companies we have contracts with to provide housing for children with special needs are receiving pressure by the state to take on additional patients which means they need more housing.

Our fund purchases these homes on an all cash basis in order to give us the best possible pricing and terms. This allows us to keep rents as low as possible for the companies providing the care.

Even though it appears on the surface to be residential housing, this unique business model involves a commercial multi-family investment strategy. The companies that provide the service are funded by the state and lease the homes on a five-year term. Each home averages 5 bedrooms and is leased by the room resulting in rents that are on average double what the property would rent for as an ordinary single-family home rental. Because of our team’s specialized knowledge in this field, we are able provide them with a level of stability and security that other landlords and other property management companies cannot.

This model offers a significant hedge against a possible market downturn and because these kids are technically “wards of the state”, a loss of state funding is highly unlikely if not impossible. I mean think about it…Where would they put the kids and who would provide their care?

Accredited investors who are interested in making up to a 7% annualized return paid monthly, please reach out to us at the email address below or schedule a call. Not only can you make a steady return secured by a real asset, you are helping to create a healthy stable environment for children in need with your socially conscious investment.

Investing for Impact,

Randy Hubbs