10 Common Mistakes made by First Time Property Investors

While property investment can provide a great source of income for the future, it isn’t a decision that should be made without doing your due diligence. Many first-time investors jump into property investment without researching their options. The professional investment team at Investment Housing Specialists is here to provide you with comprehensive information regarding investment housing that will allow for long-term financial benefits.

Here are 10 common mistakes first-time property investors make:

  1. Jumping right in without the proper knowledge and research.
  2. Allowing emotions to drive decision making.
  3. Impatience that leads to “panic buying”.
  4. Neglecting to consider future changes in the market.
  5. Taking on more risk than they are capable of handling.
  6. Selecting the wrong location which most often is the result of searching for the lowest price.
  7. Not being aware or learning about all of the possible tax deductions that might be available.
  8. Neglecting to consider long-term strategies.
  9. Trying to manage their own property in an effort to save money.
  10. Using a Realtor® who does not personally invest in real estate.

At Investment Housing Specialists, we’ve seen many property investments go south because the owners didn’t consider all of the necessary risks prior to getting started. We can help you avoid these common pitfalls by offering you comprehensive research and guidance throughout the entire process of property investment, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience.

Randy Hubbs
Designated Broker / Asset Manager 
Investment Housing Specialists / Equity 1st Home Group