Thank you for your Interest in becoming a future Resident of IHS. Our application is a two-step process and both steps must be completed in order for an application to be considered complete for processing.

Our company has a first come first serve policy regarding applications. Because of this policy it is also our policy to give any person 48 hours to respond and provide the necessary information needed to complete an application.   After the 48 hours has passed we will consider accepting a new application.   If another person completes an application prior to one being processed that is past the 48-hour mark, the new application would be considered first in line. Note: We do not accept reusable screening reports. 

Thanks again for your interest!

Step 1)(Even if you do not have any Pets, please select No Pet)

Step 2) Tenant Screening

Step 3)

Someone from our Team will be in Contact regarding your Application.